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WLENGO will do marketing China, Let the people of the world share Chinese wealth.

WLENGO.COM Founded in 2018,  specializes in China's import of goods and global branding services.

We are on the contrary path to ALIBABA, ALIBABA wants to sell China's products to the world, Let the Chinese earn the wealth from the people of the world,

WLENGO is to introduce global brands and goods into the Chinese market, and let the people of the world develop with China's economic development.

WLENGO has seven platforms:

First, the export platform for goods, is to export your products to the Chinese market;

Second, Online Shopping, Build your own e-commerce system, do business on the internet in your country, maybe you are the next Amazon.

Third, brand creation, you don't have brand products, through business services, to create a brand that matches your product;

Fourth, brand promotion, is to introduce your product brand into China, and the Chinese agent will promote the product for you;

Fifth, Tech Transfer, China has simple production technology, low-cost raw materials, and strong brand design, which can provide you with a complete product production and sales plan;

Sixth, currency conversion, when you export goods to China, we can provide you with online currency conversion, such as Western Union / MoneyGram / Bank Transfer / paypal into WeChat / Ali payment;

Seventh, Education Services, Provide you with one-to-one marketing China education services. We want to be Your Digital Guide to do Business in China.